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1. SERVICES IN GENERAL : The terms and conditions set forth in this contract between NORTH DELIVERY CORP (hereinafter referred to as NORTH DELIVERY ) and You (hereinafter referred to as The Client ) are accepted to the satisfaction of the parties. The service consists of a physical address which is provided by NORTH DELIVERY to The Client , so that addresses to her delivery of your purchases made online or by any other means his US address NORTH DELIVERY performs the receiving, sorting and consolidation of goods and their subsequent shipment to the country of destination set by The Client , which includes the actions necessary for customs handling as well as the final installment in the direction set by The Client on page affiliate. By using a mailing address in the United States, The Client is liable to receive unsolicited correspondence and therefore is responsible for all costs associated with transporting the same to their country of residence. For this reason, NORTH DELIVERY will not be responsible for those costs.

2. PAYMENTS AND COSTS The Client authorizes NORTH DELIVERY or its representative in each country, to charge the shipping according to the mode payment determined by The Client at the time of affiliation. Similarly, The Client authorizes NORTH DELIVERY , to collect both direct and indirect incidental charges associated with the handling of goods, such as Customs Tax, Tax on Value added tax (VAT), customs handling, storage, special handling, re-packaging, overruns by volumetric weight and any other concept that is generated by the management of the goods. NORTH DELIVERY will not be responsible for any delays caused by maturity, denial or cancellation of credit cards. If after thirty (30) days from the arrival of the goods to our warehouse in USA or any of the agencies NORTH DELIVERY is not able to get approval under the credit card or has not received payment by The Client , depending on the method of payment in each country or agency, the package will become the property of NORTH DELIVERY , who may decide the destination of the goods. The rates listed in the pages of each country, are subject to change without notice; However, NORTH DELIVERY will make efforts to communicate any changes made. The shipments for delivery in some regions or cities in the country other than the capital, are subject to additional charges. Freight rates are those in effect on the date of afiliaciónde The Client . All shipments are subject to being charged by the greater weight between physical weight and volumetric weight. The volumetric weight is calculated as follows: Length x Width x Height x 2.54 / 6,000 for measurements in centimeters, and L x W x H / 166 for measurements in inches. The rates may be modified to fluctuate if the cost of international freight. The customer must pay all packets are received in the destination country to withdraw and / or receive packages.

    Payment is the total amount owed. If a customer makes a partial payment understands that full payment of all packages must be done before the packets to pass state of neglect. After expiry of the payment period their packages shall pass to the state of abandonment and partial payment as compensation it will be taken to NORTH DELIVERY for expenses incurred by the company in the hiring of lines, areas, handling, taxes and any other expenses

3. INSURANCE COSTS : Shipments of The Client will be covered by an insurance policy taken out by NORTH DELIVERY or your representative in the country of destination. The coverage will be US $ 9.00 / lb up to US $ 100 (one hundred dollars). This does not cover fragile or delicate nature of goods, as established by the Warsaw Convention. If the goods have a higher value to US $ 100 (one hundred dollars), NORTH DELIVERY charged a percentage which varies by country of destiny of the declared or notified by CUSTOMER value , with a deductible of ten percent (10%). If for some reason The Client decides not to accept the insurance, NORTH DELIVERY will not be liable for damages in amounts greater than $ 100 (one hundred dollars). The Client understand and agree that coverage will have a maximum value of US $ 2,000 (two thousand dollars). The Client is responsible for obtaining additional insurance to cover the value of the merchandise exceeds the $ 2,000 (two thousand dollars) and verify the products that can not be insured. In the event it is determined that NORTH DELIVERY to pay any compensation for the occurrence of a claim, this payment will be made in the legal currency of each country, using its calculation, the official exchange rate U.S. dollar. In case of any doubt concerning insurance coverage or any other topic relating thereto, The Client should contact Customer Service NORTH DELIVERY or his representative in the shipping destination country.

4. PERMITS AND AUTHORIZATION The Client empowers NORTH DELIVERY to accept mail, documents, merchandise or any package addressed to her person. The Client grants permission and authorization to NORTH DELIVERY to carry out the necessary procedures, such as opening and checking the contents of the packages, there is no harm in merchandise, complete postal or customs forms with the purpose of sending email, documents and / or merchandise to the final address reported by The Client . The Client agree that NORTH DELIVERY not be liable for claims against the receipt, handling, consolidation and / or mail delivery, except in cases where were shown that personnel authorized by NORTH DELIVERY have acted fraudulently or negligently.

5. TERMS OF SERVICE DELIVERY USPS The Client accept the terms of service delivery correspondence US Mail (USPS), expressed 1583 in the form presented below: In consideration of delivery of my or our (firm) mail to the agent named below, the addressee and agent agree: (1) the addressee or the agent must not file a change of address order with the Postal Service upon termination of the agency relationship; (2) the transfer of mail to another address is the responsibility of the addressee and the agent; (3) all mail delivered to the agency under this authorization must be prepaid with new postage when redeposited in the mails; (4) upon request the agent must provide to the Postal Service all addresses to which the agency transfers mail; and (5) when any information required on this form changes or becomes obsolete, the addressee(s) must file a revised application with the Commercial Mail Receiving Agency (CMRA). 5. OBLIGATIONS The Client on air transport: a) Responsibility: i. The Client becomes responsible for any legal violation that generates shipping and agrees to accept the postal laws of their own country, the United States of America (USA) and of the European Community. The Client agree not to proceed or participate in sending, receiving and illegal air transport or restricted substances or materials, such as drugs, cash, dangerous goods (explosives, flammable products chemicals, firearms, live animals, perishables, plants and seeds, pornographic material, jewelry, drugs of all kinds, etc.), or any other item that is prohibited by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) USA or the country of destination. The Client is the only responsible for knowing all the rules and restrictions before ordering shipments through NORTH DELIVERY . NORTH DELIVERY not be held liable for the loss of goods due to customs seizure. ii. NORTH DELIVERY reserves the right to send and / or refuse any object or merchandise which might potentially produce any loss, damage or penalty. Some kinds of merchandise may require an export license or import. The Client is responsible for providing and presenting NORTH DELIVERY all documents required for licensing. In the case of not receiving the documents or license required to proceed with a given shipment, NORTH DELIVERY will notify the customer to that provided within five (5) days of your request. Incase that the required documents are not submitted within that period, the goods will be retained and stored for sixty (60) days, after which, if the documentation and / or necessary information is not provided, the goods shall be subject to the procedures set out in clause 2 of this contract. iii. The Client authorizes NORTH DELIVERY to open inspect and repack every package that were to be managed as part of this agreement and NORTH DELIVERY is not shall be liable for breach of any additional requirement, as stated in the air waybill (AWB) to reach your destination.

6. IMPORT TAXES AND OTHER TAXES The Client is responsible for paying taxes and duties for customs clearance of shipments in the country of destination, whose pending the conduct NORTH DELIVERY and / or his representative in each country, and authorizes its collection through any of the forms specified in clause 2 of the Terms and Conditions.

7. SERVICE DELIVERY TO DESTINATION NORTH DELIVERY and / or his representative in each country, delivered to the address designated by CUSTOMER , products or documents sent to your mailbox. Should the goods arrive at the warehouse of NORTH DELIVERY without being accompanied by the corresponding invoice, NORTH DELIVERY ask the customer to provide it. Otherwise, NORTH DELIVERY verify the amount of the product with the supplier and give a cost estimate to customs.

8. OTHER SERVICES NORTH DELIVERY may provide additional services described herein, such as re-packaging, removal, consolidations, or any other related shipments The Client , which you will be quoted and previously authorized by The Client .

9. ACCEPTANCE AND MAINTENANCE DELIVERY NORTH DELIVERY and / or the representative of each country, to undertake the actions it deems necessary for the delivery of the goods to their final destination as indicated by The Client , up to three (3) attempts. After the third unsuccessful attempt, the shipment will be held on the premises of our offices for a period of thirty (30) days. After this time, the package will be considered abandoned and shall be expressed in the same way 2. 10. Disclaimer PRODUCTS BY clause: NORTH DELIVERY only act as a carrier. NORTH DELIVERY will not be held responsible for the products that are offered by retailers, or possible delays in shipment to your mailbox. NORTH DELIVERY send the products received in the box to name The Client to the address registered in the registration form.  

11. NORTH DELIVERY reserves the right to detain any goods suspected or identified which was acquired by fraudulent or illegal transaction. The information obtained in these cases will be provided to local and international authorities to monitor and combat fraud online.  

12. Compensation The Client agree to indemnify and hold harmless NORTH DELIVERY from any claim, loss, fine, tax or complaint for damages filed by a third party against NORTH DELIVERY as a result of delivery The Client , so that it is free of risk.

13. PAYMENT FOR HANDLING MERCHANDISE: Where The Client once entered the goods to our warehouse, request delivery to another warehouse or will be it sent to an address within the United States or want it to be delivered to a third party, you agree to cancel a NORTH DELIVERY the payment for the handling of goods in and out of our warehouse or IN AND OUT, which will cost USD 3 per pound with a minimum payment of 30 USD if the package does not exceed 10 pounds more weight between the physical and volumetric weight. This payment must be made in USD directly to NORTH DELIVERY CORP or storage service provider in the United States of America.

14. ALTERATIONS IN CHARGES / COSTS : All rates listed in the lists of each country of destination, are subject to change without notice. This Agreement may be terminated by either party at any time, for any reason, with thirty (30) days in advance.

15. Competition : This Agreement, your rights and obligations are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Doral, Florida, USA. In the event of any disputes between the parties regarding the validity, effects, rights, breaches and / or execution of this Agreement, which can not be reconciled, shall be settled by arbitrators named by The Client and NORTH DELIVERY . Each party will select one arbitrator and these, in turn, appoint a third arbitrator. In the absence of an agreement on the name of the third arbitrator, procedures in accordance with the Code of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) will continue, and the arbitrators shall be duly certified by the Chamber and the process in question . The arbitration process is governed by the Code of the International Criminal Court.

16. NOTE NORTH DELIVERY will post a notice of cancellation and termination of service by written notice to the customer to the last e-mail registered by this. Notice of service cancellation and termination by The Client will be made exclusively by electronic means. In the case of wishing to submit any other document, notice, comment, suggestion, you can also do it through electronic means; for other purposes the direction of NORTH DELIVERY : 8017 NW 54 Street, DORAL, FL, ZIP CODE 33166, USA. Phone: 3057227651

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