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Frequent Asked Questions

Where I can buy with my International loker?

• You can buy in the United States, in stores that sell their products online, by catalog, by phone or even if you are traveling and shopping in person. Your address CourierBOX functions as your home in USA and you can buy in the same conditions as any resident in that country.

In practice you can buy anywhere in the world; just used as Shipping Address (Shipping Address) your address CourierBOX in Miami.

The advantages of this service with other similar?

Legality: NORTHDELIVERY360 provides the service to meet all the requirements of SENIAT E IPOSTEL. With each shipment you receive detailed billing in freight and if your shipment is subject to the payment of taxes and expenses nationalization will get the description of each item and the value thereof, which certifies that the shipment paid taxes. If your current provider does not provide you with this document, your shipments could be seized by the customs authority.

Supply Chain: NORTHDELIVERY360 is responsible for the entire operation, from receiving shipments Miami to delivery to your home, is done 100% by our company.

Responsibility: We Know That no one is exempt from suffering problems, however When present, our customers do not have any to turn to others to find the solutio (shippers, carriers, customs brokers, warehouses or delivery companies).

NORTHDELIVERY360 respond directly, since we do not resort to third parties.

Coverage: NORTHDELIVERY360 Its part of an extensive service network in more than 23 country in the region.

How long it takes to get a purchase?

• From the moment your package gets to the winery of Miami, our delivery times are 8 to 10 days to load low value (under $ 100) and 10 to 12 days to load high (greater than $ 100), to the city of Caracas and the interior of the country should add 1 or 2 days.

But must take into account the time it takes to prepare in store, dispense and deliver packages from its facilities to our locker in Miami.

Which includes the rate you pay for the service? taxes are included?

• Freight rate by International Service locker includes reception in Miami, sorting, packaging, air transportation to your country, and delivery in the capital city, surcharges apply for other cities. Taxes are not included and it depends on customs duties for the product that will comprise between 5 % - 35 % depending on the product category plus 12% the declared value of the shipment corresponding to I.V.A.

Some items have exemptions or tax cuts, to know if your product has a customs benefit please contact us.

I can bring in perfume?

• Yeah, except under special conditions. Perfumes are restricted for air transport because it is a flammable material; why they are considered hazardous materials or Dangerous Goods.
In the classification of Dangerous Goods are including all flammable materials, explosives, liquids, chemicals, solvents, corrosive, etc.
For transportation of "Dangerous Goods" must follow special protocols and have an additional cost. If this is your case, please contact our Customer Service department by the phone (58) 212-6683698. The company is not liable for improper packaging by the supplier.

What security do I have to pay NORTHDELIVERY360 with my credit card?

• NORTHDELIVERY360 has all international safety standards for credit card payments over the Internet: Secure Server (https:// + padlock) and technology SSL encryption information.

All charges made "to distnace" meet all requirements of cards Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

How I can trace my consignments after my NORTHDELIVERY360 received?

• Easily: Package tracking can be done from the time we receive them in Miami. Each package will assign a bar code and publish it on the Internet immediately. You just enter My Account using your NORTHDELIVERY360 number and password to check the status of your shipments.

How I can track my purchases before they get to my NORTHDELIVERY360?

• This depends on the shipping method that uses the store, but in all cases they inform you by email the conveyor that will take your purchases to our facilities in Miami and the tracking number. You can check the website the company.

We always recommend to make use of your address NORTHDELIVERY360 3051 NW 107Th Ave, Doral, FL. - 33172 USA. Remember to register your address NORTHDELIVERY360 as your shipping address.

Remember to register your address NORTHDELIVERY360 as your shipping address. (Shipping Address).

Streamlines the process of your shipping alerting

What happens when I arrive unsolicited catalogs or magazines?

• For convenience you should inform your preferences for this type of correspondence, since we assume that everything that comes to your NORTHDELIVERY360 is important to you. However, you can not send us instruction or request to consolidate everything you receive in your P.O. Box and a regular delivery is made, and you will achieve better costs without the risk of discarding something that really interests you.

What features does the service?

• To meet our characteristics of our product, enter the following link Here

How do I identify my shopping?

When the requested data provider must place his name beside the mailbox number for your shipment does not suffer loss. Then we indicate:

Customer name/ No. Locker
3051 NW 107TH AVE
ZIP CODE 33172

Why my shipment indicates that it is locked without an invoice? What should I do?

This status indicates that your package arrived NORTHDELIVERY360 Office in Miami without an invoice because the supplier did not include it in the box, so you place the commercial invoice or purchase order in provider page, and send PDF to mail:

What should I do when my package is confirmed as Received in the destination country?

If you are located in Caracas an operator will contact you to arrange the delivery to your office or home, and if you want you can go to pick up at our offices prior telephone confirmation that the invoices are issued.

It should be located within the country, and be subject canceling your bills, we proceed to make the office to your location, in contrary case, the Collections Department will inform you via email the amount to be paid by bank deposit or transfer, once the same will send the voucher via email; to be verified and proceed with dispatch to your location.

What are the conditions of value and weight should I know?

Customs conditionsTaxes
Maximum Value US$ 2.000,00
Maximum Weight 70Lb
According to customs tariff between 5% and 35% of the F.O.B value
IVA: 12% on F.O.B. + Tariff F.O.B.
** When your shipments exceed the limits described here should be made processed differently from "Urgent Delivery" imports and for this case should use the services of a Customs we also offer notice and authorization.
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